||ANVI|| is one of the numerous names of Goddess Durga.

Symbolism of Goddess Durga

It is basic human tendency to turn our thoughts to our natural mother in times of crisis. Humans sometimes face larger than life crises on both a personal and planetary level. Mother Durga is the divine Female force of compassion and courage that aids us to confront any predicament that threatens our well-being. This is why after the demon has finally been defeated and the gods gathered to celebrate, Mother Durga promises to return whenever any of her children are in distress. She knows that we need Her love.

The symbolism in the Devi is that the Grace of Goddess is unconditional and will never be withheld from anyone, whether it is the ego demon or egoistic human. She shows Her fierce love toward self and others to restore harmony within and around us. Her divine love conquers all. Then again one is to have the faith, belief and devotion to invoke Mother Durga.

It is She that keeps reminding of our true nature… that is Bliss!